Who We Are

At DV Partners, our managing partners are employing decades of experience leading transformative, scalable and data-driven enterprise solutions to optimize businesses. Their leadership of technology and operations teams has earned local, national and global recognition in publications and showcases such as Forbes World’s Best 100 Cloud Companies, CIO and Computerworld Digital Edge 50, Chicago Innovation, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Built in Chicago Top 100 Digital Companies and Ernst & Young in Technology category.

Our managing partners have lead companies through Business, Operations and Technology due-diligence in multiple Series rounds that have separately led to investment by Institutional, Family Office and Strategic investors whom are based in the Midwest and on both East and West coasts.

Our experience extends to working with Third Party’s such as Deloitte and E&Y in due diligence, to a career of driving excellence in execution with Blue-Chip clients in Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Residential.

Our managing partners bring a unique combination of entrepreneurship, technical expertise and product development as well as a grasp of the necessary agility in scaling a high-growth company. They have lead product and team certifications representing best practices in governance and risk management as well as gained and maintained SOC Controls for core business activities.

Why We Exist

DV Partners has seen to apply its winning formula of Technology Expertise and Development with Operations and Entrepreneurship to create an ecosystem of value generation.

In their career, our managing partners have delivered innovative solutions for enterprise property management and reimagined systems purposed to strengthen the value proposition in the creation of a dual marketplace business; the independent contractor and the client. The successes in the pursuance of this disruptive technologies to support integrated management of Real Estate services is realized by SMS Assist, LLC  through its growth, profitability and multiple successful strategic Investment rounds in addition to Second Avenue with its  ~$1.7 billion fully levered capital base.

Under the leadership of the founding partners of DVP, overseen was development of a globally awarded technology solutions in Commercial and Institutional Residential sectors with 500,000+ users that included business modules for all functional areas of an infrastructure. This was a solution for Service Contractors & their workforce, Commercial workforce and Institutional Residential workforce.

DVP managing partner Mike Rothman founded both SMS Assist and Second Avenue leveraging new technologies to deliver transparency, cost-value and control for clients, residents and affiliates alike. Under his leadership, SMS Assist transformed into one of the fastest-growing technology companies globally, and Mike brought the Company to “Unicorn” status initially in 2016; Mike as CEO and Alex as Chief Product officer founding Operations and Technology teams. Mike continues to serve as a Board Observer and Stakeholder.

Mike founded and served as Chairman & CEO of SMS Assist and Alex served as Chief Product Officer, SVP Operations & as Board Manager, which they have grown over a nearly two-decade tenure (1997-2017). In 2016, the same year DVP managing partner Mike Rothman was named a Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year and also a national finalist by Ernst & Young, SMS Assist received $150 million in Series D funding at a $1 billion valuation from Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, the same team that invested in Uber, Facebook, Pinterest and Spotify. At the beginning of 2023, Mike & Alex delivered on the 25yr journey with a $2.25 billion Proptech Merger resulting in platform that is the leading tech-enabled property services management marketplace, and the only commercial solution that enables orchestration, sourcing and fulfillment of all property services at scale.

What We Do

DV Partners has gathered great teams with significant management experience within respective industry sectors as well as contributing a deep network of subject matter expertise.

With the firsthand experience of founding, leading and successfully scaling a company to “Unicorn” status, DV Partners looks to partner with a CEO and Management to provide insight, resources and a path to sustainable value creation.

Our Team

Michael Rothman

Founder, Manager & CEO


Mr. Rothman has 45 years of experience in the industrial service sector and 15 years in the retail services industry. He founded SMS Assist, L.L.C. (“SMS Assist”) and served as Chairman & CEO growing the Company over a nearly two-decade tenure (1997-2017). 

Alex Rothman

Managing Partner


Alex Rothman is the founder and CEO of Theron Technology Solutions, which deploys a unified team will provide end-to-end strategy and technology expertise to identify, interpret and implement efficiencies that propel business forward.